Noe Group was created 15 years ago to meet the needs of the international market for fairs and events, with the goal of helping companies to enhance their corporate image in different parts of the world through a single contact.

Noe’s experience in the design and creation of spaces has established its mark in the world of events and international fairs and has opened new opportunities for development. Today, Noe also supports companies in organizing marketing activities and offers consulting services internationally through one of the group companies: Mercados Exteriores.

Noe Group’s origins date back to 1998, when the newborn company realized the need of major food, beverage and tourism companies to participate in worldwide fairs and expositions on their sector, while giving the right advice on their corporative image.

Many conglomerates were looking for a company that would offer a “turnkey” service which would showcase their products. Noe Group accepted this challenge.

From its starts Noe found out that large companies want it to work with a single enterprise regardless of the country they want it to expose. Also that applied the philosophy of “turnkey” not only in the construction of stands and pavilions, but also in supporting the client in the design of the brand and marketing center.

This multidisciplinary way of working has enabled Noe to develop projects with customers in extremely diverse industries and expand their markets to have presence at trade shows and events worldwide.

Throughout its fifteen years of existence Noe Group has had several key moments that have led to the expansion of the company. One was the creation of Noe China, following the organization by ICEX, of Expo Habitat 2000 in Shanghai, a macro project of 20,000 m2 which was attended by over 200 exhibitors.

In 2003 Noe Russia was founded, with the addition of important local builders who have developed major projects in Moscow and other Russian cities.

In 2007 Noe Brazil was born, based in Sao Paulo, being the last delegation opened by the group.

The intention is to continue growing. Currently Noe Group is preparing the opening of an office in Turkey, coinciding with the emerging trend of this country hinge between Europe and Asia. Noe is also planning to open an office in India.

The professionalism of the group´s companies has been demonstrated in the different projects developed by our brand, although we had to highlight one in particular, the Shanghai World Expo 2010 in which Noe Group built the pavilions of Spain, Barcelona, Madrid, Smyrna and partially Russia. It was a real tour de force that tested the team’s multidisciplinary capabilities and gave great satisfaction by the impact achieved.